Here's what Our Clients Say About Us

Dave B.

We have a 2 acre lot that had been neglected for years; the front had little "curb appeal" and the back was disheveled. We met with a few landscapers before choosing Brad. He and his team were on-time, friendly, kept the work site clean and were very efficient. In fact, we had simultaneous renovations and Brad is the only contractor who kept his project on/ahead of schedule. As the project matured, we made multiple changes "on the fly," added work and questioned some of the execution. Throughout it all, he was very flexible, receptive and accommodating. When the dirt settled, we ended up with multiple rebuilt and new retaining walls, about 1,000 sf of paver patio with proper drainage, 2 large rock patio areas, a 100-yard rock/paver path connecting the patios to a detached building on the property and rock/planting areas that wrapped the driveway and house. The path and patios are illuminated by low-voltage lighting that look fantastic at night. Overall, we are very happy with the outcome in terms of form and function, will seek Brad out for any future projects and highly recommend him.


Last year my wife and I had made a list of improvements for our home and yard in preparation for our son’s Summer wedding and house guests. Due to an unexpected health set-back I was unable to complete the list of projects. That’s when Dail & Son Landscaping came to our rescue and accomplished everything we needed and more. We were very impressed with their professional, timely, and quality work that these guys did on all of the projects. The work was outstanding and it all looks great. Brad and his team went above and beyond our expectations and we are truly grateful for them relieving the stresses of these projects leading up to the wedding. I would highly recommend Dail & Son Landscaping for any of your landscaping needs.

Kevin P.

Everyone told me that I had to leave the property the way it was and the drainage could be fixed, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. That’s when I called Brad. Brad came out, listened to what I was saying. He never said a word and listened to me. Thinking he thought I was crazy, I just kept talking. Then, Brad gave me his idea, he said “if this was my property, I would do this”… That’s when I knew I had the right guy for the job. Brad took this job on as if it was his back yard. He had ideas that no one ever mentioned, things I never dreamed of. Now, I have a useable back yard, more space then I ever expected and a design that works. There is no more water running towards the house and keeping me up on rainy nights. If you need anything done on your property and you have called so many companies, some call you back and some don’t. Call Brad! He told me verbally what he was going to do and why he was doing them in the sequence he was doing them in. We never had a written contract and Brad produced more than I expected, which means he does exactly what he says and as if its his back yard. Thanks Brad, your word is as good as a contract.

R. Holmes

Moving here from California, we needed a barn built for our horses. We contacted Brad and he came out and walked our property. We explained to him what we wanted and he explained to use why we needed to move some things around. We listened to Brads ideas and told him to run with it. He gave us a price on the spot and explained what he was going to do. We now have had our Barn, outdoor arena and round pen built for over 6 months and absolutely Love it! Had we listened to other contractors and done what we wanted, we would have a mess on our hands (i.e. wind, snow, ice, drainage, sun, gates). Our friends and neighbors couldn’t believe we let him do what he wanted, now they can’t believe others told us otherwise. We highly recommend Brad for ALL excavating and fence needs on your horse property. He was honest, did what he said he was and was respectful to our family and property the entire time. He treated our property like it was his. His price came in on point and with no change orders, he never changed his price. Please use us and our property for all your referrals.


Need a retaining wall? Call Brad Dail. In the market for a retaining wall? Call Brad Dail. Have a problem with your yard? Call Brad Dail. Need dirt work done? Call Brad Dail. What can I say, that’s the motto around here. Brad has done such a great job taking care of our mini ranch. As soon as I think of something I need, I call Brad, he always answers my texts and shows up. His prices are competitive and more importantly, he does what he says, and I never have to be worried about the outcome. So, if you need something done, call Brad! We had a written contract on job 1 and now we have a handshake and I never worry…. Call Brad

O. Jones

We moved here from California and didn’t know any landscapers when we got here. We bought a used house in Larkspur that needed a massive multi-level retaining wall overhauled. We interviewed Brad, gave him our ideas and concerns and then he gave us a price on the spot with his ideas incorporated into ours and a price that he never changed throughout the project. With over 40 years as a licensed contractor and civil engineer, I can say with confidence that Brad does exactly what he says. He has integrity, the skills and the vision with a professional approach. Great job Brad, you are welcome to stop by anytime (even with a potential client).

Dan L.

The owner and employees of Dail and Son Landscaping are exactly the type of individuals you want working on your property. They are professional, answer all your questions thoroughly, treat your property with great care, and get the job done on time AND done to 100% satisfaction.

Initially we hired Dail and Son Landscaping for some routine earthwork and wall construction. However, Brad and his team made it possible for us to also build a one-of-a-kind root cellar. From the start, Brad took the initiative to make sure every aspect of this very unique project was done well and thought through. We could not have competed the project without his willingness to go out on a limb and develop solutions to problems we never anticipated. We are amazed with the final product. It's better than we could have ever imagined!

My wife and I highly recommend Dail and Son Landscaping.

Dan P.

As the developer of Kings Deer, Cathedral Pines and many other smaller scale projects, it has been my pleasure working with Brad from Dail and Son Landscaping for the past 15 years. Brad was my “go to guy”, if I needed anything done, Brad was always the guy to assure it was done and done correctly, never complained and always thought it through. He would make the resources happen and before I knew it, the project was rolling.

From 900-acre fire mitigation, hazard tree removal, miles of walking and hiking trails, building several ponds, miles and miles of erosion control, landscaping on very large scales as well as smaller ones, assortment of retaining walls and excavation of all sorts. He even oversaw the construction of our 40’X60’ maintenance facility in Cathedral Pines. Brad has done all of this for our communities and with professionalism, integrity and excellent workmanship.

Brad has not only worked on our investment properties, he has worked on my personal properties and fixed what others had done wrong. My wife and I have now considered Brad part of the family and always knew we could count on him. Whenever Brad is asked to do something, he does it thoroughly and as if its his own, so there are never short cuts. We will very much miss having Brad to call whenever we need anything, as we settle in a warmer state for retirement.

Thank you Brad for all that you have done for us and we wish you the very best in all that you do.

Jim, JSP Landscaping

Brad thank you for your help and expertise on the Johnson project. We bid that job in July and thought we could handle it. We were wrong and without you and your team coming in, we probably would have had to turn it over to the client undone. It was you and your team that bailed us out. If you ever need anything from us, let us know. We are greatly in debt to you.

Thank you!


Dail Landscaping and Dail & Son Landscaping have been doing our snow and ice removal now for a couple of years. We have multiple units with garages and sidewalks. In the past we always worried if our contractor would show up. Now, with Brad and his team, I as the president of the HOA never have to worry if the services are getting done, because Brad has done a superb job for us every time.

We would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Mark and Kathleen

Thank you! Knowing what you have on your plate in your personal life and your professional life, and what you did for us, you are amazing! You took care of our job from day 1 and never stopped worrying about the outcome. We felt so relieved because you acted as if it was your home and therefore didn’t take any shortcuts and made sure it was done exactly like we talked about.

We had heard concerns of landscapers and you took any and all of those concerns away. We wish we could get you to landscape our other house in California! We have never met a contractor who actually cared as much as you did, you put us and our job first! We wish you and Austin the very best in your future endeavors. Feel free to use us as a reference and consider us friends….

Rick and Julie

Thank you for all your hard work. My wife and I interviewed a lot of companies once we had decided that we were going to move forward on the renovation of our landscape. You had come highly recommended by some of our friends. We had a general idea of what we wanted, but you are the one that made it what it is. Your ideas are great, your willingness to listen to my wife and I was above the board and you held our hand all the way through the process.

We always were confident that the outcome would be greater than we had ever envisioned and we were correct. Our neighbors now say we have the nicest yard in our subdivision and we tell them ALL to talk to you. You are great and your “team” is made up of quality professionals and respectable people. You took this large job and with your scheduling, team and your knowledge, you made this a dream come true for us!

Thank you!

The Shelon’s

You guys are awesome. We truly appreciate the hard work and extra time that was spent on our yard. I wasn’t sure how the retaining wall was going to end up, but Brad you were right. You told me to sit back and watch you work. Well, I did and you did and amazing job! You truly know your retaining walls!

I am glad that we chose you and we will make sure that we tell everyone that has an issue that might be complex that they need to call you, because you treat everything as if it was your home. You truly served us with “integrity” and Brad best of luck to you with your future endeavors, no matter what you do; you will be great at it!

Please use us as a reference if you would like.

Jennifer Forbes, Executive Secretary

We are writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided on landscaping the 22-acre mansion estate of our President in Monument Colorado.

Your crew of workers was most professional and courteous to the family and servants at all times.

I have hired and fired 6 landscapers before you, and am so happy to have found one who has an excellent staff, dependable, on time, and very competitive.

Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

Thank you!

Bill and Lucy

Brad, we just wanted to say “Thank you”! You did an amazing job with our yard. The people before us had allowed it to go to ruins and you had the vision it needed to make it what it is. We appreciated that we could reach you soo easily and you were always on site when we needed you.

When it came to our changes, you gave us our upfront price and didn’t give us any surprises in the end. You truly delivered a remarkable product at a competitive price. Best of luck to you in the future with all you do.

Use us as a reference anytime!

August 25, 2016

Brad, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job! We never thought we would have the back yard that we have now… No one ever gave us the idea that you did and the fact that you were able to pull it off and make it look amazing, is beyond comprehension!

Brad, you thought outside the box, yet listened to what we wanted and incorporated everything beautifully… All we can say is, if Brad can dream it, he can make it happen, from on time professional service to hands down best customer satisfaction! We will call you again when we need something. Thanks again to you and your team.

Craig & Julie

First I want to say that Brad did exactly what he said he was going to do. He stayed on budget; he stayed on time and was easy to get a hold of throughout the entire project! We have had other contractors who start the work and then try and run several jobs at once. Brad stayed on our job the entire time. Brad kept a super clean jobsite and his guys were more than accommodating for my wife and I.

We started this project with a simple creation and because of Brad’s ideas and knowledge, we grew our landscape into a dream we never thought we could afford or have. So, I am so grateful to Brad and his visions. Everything was in Brads head and it couldn’t have turned out any better. We will use Dail & Son Landscaping for all our outdoor needs in the future, brad you have another lifelong customer.

The Bernard’s

We moved here from out of state and we knew no one. We found your company online and interviewed you and 2 others. We chose your company because you listened to what we wanted and incorporated that into your design. You worked so well with our HOA and we didn’t have to do anything. The play place is better than we thought and the kids LOVE it.

The extension of our deck into a patio couldn’t have been better thought out. That wasn’t even presented to us by other contractors. We utilize that more than we ever thought. During the entire process we felt like you were family, as our kids and pets missed you when you were done. Anytime you’re in the area, please stop in, you are like family to us now.

September 15, 2015

Customer Service, Timeliness, Quality, Thoroughness

We were so pleased with the landscaping and new patio! Brad was so helpful and thoughtful as we worked through the process from beginning to the end. We would highly recommend them for your landscaping needs!

June 17, 2010

For the past few years, my wife and I have been thinking about having our driveway resurfaced, but found the high estimates were prohibiting us from making the decision to move forward. However, we kept getting quotes from a number of providers in the Colorado Springs, CO area, and all quotes just seemed to put the idea further out of our head.

Then, a couple months back, a neighbor recommended we call Dail & Son Landscaping and specifically talk to Brad Dail. I called the next day and was pleasantly surprised from the start of the conversation. Brad not only acted as a professional, he treated me as if I was his number one customer. Brad was definitely interested in getting the job, but just the way he talked to me made me feel that he was interested in providing the best solution for our home, not JUST performing a job for the money.

Brad arranged for a face-to-face meeting (at my convenience) to assess the job; he showed up on time; he showed up with a customer-first attitude; plus he made some recommendations that would help ensure we have an end product that would last a long time, thus eliminating costly upkeep jobs.

My wife and I selected Brad and his team because he offered the service we wanted and at a reasonable price, but that was certainly not the end of this story! Brad and his team provided on-time delivery of service and materials and we knew we’d made the right choice.

Brad and his team have not only met our expectations, they have exceeded it, and so much so that we’re already suggested his services to several of our friends.

I’ve always believed that Quality is a hands-on effort. Brad and his team delivered a Quality product that will keep us coming back to Dail Landscaping for all similar business needs.

Thanks Brad/Team

You guys are the best!