Commercial and Residential Retaining Walls

Dail & Son Landscaping retaining wall in Monument, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Retaining walls have long been a fundamental element in commercial and residential construction. And there's no wonder why. A landscape retaining wall can transform a generic backyard into an elegant courtyard or your own oasis. A structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any residential or commercial design.

Well placed, expertly constructed retaining walls will:

  • Add beauty and interest to your landscaping.
  • Provide new areas for planting.
  • Improve the overall safety and functionality of driveways, parking areas and walkouts.
  • Prevent soil erosion and improve water retention or drain saturated areas.

From landscaping and retaining wall systems to erosion control and surface stabilization solutions, Dail & Son Landscaping is unequaled in its breadth of products, level of expertise and willingness to support your construction efforts.

Our service goal is to provide cost effective solutions to drainage and erosion control while maintaining a professional installation that will enhance the beauty of your property. We are committed to employing only the best techniques and materials available for your job.

Dail & Son Landscaping Services in Monument, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Colorado

We offer the following types of retaining walls:

Sloam stone: (dry stacked, brown and tan in color, more of a square/rectangle style)

Boulder: Natural stones of Colorado and come in various colors, sizes and shapes. Note: this wall must have fabric behind it in order to have integrity as well as be long lasting. Water behind this wall will erode the wall quickly.

Segmental: A segmental wall is "Man made", this style wall comes in various colors and a couple manufactures. This wall depending on the style would need a cap stone on the final top tier to enhance its look.

Note: With all retaining walls, you need to make sure of the water, water is the key factor in building of retaining walls. Hydrostatic pressure caused by water behind any retaining wall can cause the retaining wall to fail.

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